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Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups - 2019

The wave of technological innovation is sweeping the world off its feet. It is impacting every other industry and transforming at an unprecedented rate. The emergence of these high-performance innovations is creating strong ripples even in the logistics sector all around the world. Factors such as digitalization, constant urbanization and cut-throat competition have encouraged new entrants in the logistics industry to incorporate newer business models to deliver advanced logistics platforms and effective logistics services. Realizing the vital role of technology in enhancing productivity and consumer satisfaction levels, a majority of fleet owners today are seeking for logistics tech that can help them get a competitive edge over their contemporaries. This increase in the demand for tech-based solutions for optimizing and enhancing logistics operations is resulting in the mushrooming of innovative and independent startups that offer the solutions for a multitude of industry-specific needs.

The need to integrate business processes and technologies is greater than ever before as indicated by the rapid adoption rates of innovative logistics solutions. The emergence of blockchain technology in the logistics industry is one of the most prominent logistics trends gaining traction as it can increase the efficiency and transparency of supply chains.

In this edition of Logistics Tech Outlook, we are glad to feature renowned companies such as FreightVerify, Exelot, Deliver-EZ, and more who are at the forefront revolutionizing the logistics space through their solutions by providing real-time visibility, cost-savings opportunities, and intelligence. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these startups are constantly proving its mettle in the field of logistics tech.

We present to you Logistics Tech Outlook’ “Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups — 2019.”

    Top Logistics Tech Startups

  • The company is bringing to fore heavy-duty drones to deliver freight. With the company’s latest venture, ‘Project Cielo,’ cargo drones will not only shrink the delivery times drastically but also become a boon for local markets and the environment by reducing the large numbers of carbon-emitting trucks on the road. By optimally combining different leading-edge existing technologies like IoT and machine automation, these autonomous cargo drones are being designed to carry freight load of10 tons for a distance of 435 miles. The drones will operate on dedicated sky lanes between designated drone hives (drone airports)


  • Deliver-EZ was formed when a uniquely qualified team focused on developing the next generation of last-block logistics; enabling and integrating autonomous mobility. The company offers an app that gives community residents shipment arrival into their assigned Deliver-EZ unit, product return information, a single portal for all on-line purchases and chat features. Deliver-EZ has not gone unnoticed by city administrators in their effort to promote smart/green cities. Aaron Frank agrees that; “Deliver-EZ approaches the community as a whole; supporting city governments, carriers, and the end-user thereby creating a win-win situation for all the stakeholders


  • The company offers a fully customizable logistics automation platform with transportation management, freight visibility, workflow automation, and communication features. As a logistics automation company, EverWoke provides a highly flexible and customizable way to run businesses. The company offers an advanced and automated management system for various teams and stakeholders in a logistics transaction. This allows them to manage their business in EverWoke and achieve the highest productivity with the lowest maintenance. The EverWoke Order Management system allows loads and orders to quickly be booked, found, and analyzed in a user-friendly way. Being a cloud-based platform, EverWoke provides the elasticity as well as the scalability to scale up and down depending on the customer requirements and business size


  • As a digital logistics solution provider, Exelot is striving to provide an efficient cross-border shipping solution. Exelot aims to eliminate existing logistical and cost barriers through a quick, reliable, and affordable solution and in turn, help clients increase their customer satisfaction over delivery issues. Exelot’s last mile solution, optimized by AI and machine learning, is a multi-vendor platform that ensures a smooth, accessible, and reliable logistics chain. Exelot’s platform provides both the vendor and the end customer with transparency to track and trace the product through the entire chain


  • Flexport is a licensed customs brokerage and freight forwarder built around a modern web application. Its freight service includes an online dashboard for businesses to easily understand, purchase, manage, and track the services required for global trade. Its team of logistics experts lets focus on core business by ensuring goods arrive at fulfillment/distribution centers on time and at the lowest cost. Flexport's mission is to fix the user experience in global trade and bring the world free trade through technology. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California


  • A cloud-based freight logistics technology company that addresses challenges for large and complex enterprises through industry-defining intelligence. One of the Top 10 Logistics Tech Startups, FreightVerify offers a shipper-centric platform that provides predictive, real-time transportation visibility at every step of the supply chain. The robust supply chain platform acquires data from dozens of sources in the transportation ecosystem to present shippers with real-time freight information in a single interface. Besides allowing shippers to track multiple carriers on the same pane, the platform also allows users to uniquely track shipments through part numbers, VINs, and order numbers


  • As one of the top logistics tech companies, LoadStop offers truck companies with a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence-based integrated platform, assisting them in automating end-to-end trucking operations to reduce cost, and increase productivity using innovative and emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and the cloud. The company empowers its clients with three main products—Smart Dispatcher, Visibility 360, and Smart TMS. Apart from being solely focused on the trucking industry, the uniqueness of the company stems from its highly customizable workflows that can fit into any trucking business. LoadStop’s solutions focus on continuous collaboration with all the stakeholders, drivers, dispatchers, brokers, and customers in real-time, thereby reducing operational exceptions and mitigating risks on the go


  • As a logistics solution provider, Bulk Container Group offers a single source environment for conex container procurement and management. The firm offers a platform that brings together over 250 suppliers to the table, to create a secure trading environment for procurement and movement of conex worldwide. The platform’s consolidated vendor information allows the buyers to take an educated decision based on simple parameters, such as retail and wholesale pricing. On the vendor front, the solution helps reduce storage cost, reposition supply chain resources, and manage assets through a consolidated list of buyers who bid for their products


  • OptimoRoute offers cost-effective route optimization software, powered by sophisticated, proprietary algorithms that are specifically designed to meet delivery deadlines while obtaining the desired business economic outcomes. OptimoRoute effectively evaluates the key performance indicators (KPIs) of each business organization and accordingly optimizes the delivery routes in alignment with the real-world constraints. This results in the maximization of available resources and revenue, simultaneously regulating the overtime and headcount of the employees. The software acts as an aid for regulating the work hours of employees by taking into consideration all minute details of the business. This helps clients in achieving precision in scheduling the delivery process, simultaneously reducing errors and the time consumed


  • SmartShyp provides eCommerce businesses with the easiest shipping and order fulfillment solution all through our web-based platform. SmartShyp offers the best rates on USPS postage while also enabling our users full support for UPS, DHL and more! We offer up to 70% lower than retail no matter what your shipping volume is and integrate with leading online marketplaces such as eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, Volusion and many others, to allow automated order downloads, tracking, and order management. Smartshyp helps you quickly create shipping labels, bulk packing slips, and headache-free international labels all using our simple web-based software. It offers full support over phone, chat and email to help you grow your business and make eCommerce shipping easy and smart