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Ian Zaretzky, Founder & CEO, Nereus Supply Chain Inc - Nereus.ioIan Zaretzky, Founder & CEO
With over 15 years of experience in supply chain, Ian Zaretzky had seen it all, until he was solicited with a request for 150 conex containers filled with concrete to create a safety wall that would stop rocks from collapsing on an important industrial site that could inflict serious damage and injury. The biggest challenge in obtaining the containers was the exorbitant logistics cost associated with the project. Using his experience and corporate connections, Zaretzky procured the assets needed for the mine through multiple third-party suppliers. While the project was successful, Zaretzky realized that maritime asset space was mostly fragmented. To bridge this massive gap between vendors and consumers, Zaretzky built, a single-source environment for maritime asset procurement and management. Over the last 22 months, the firm has grown by leaps and bounds, effectively significantly contributing to solving the maritime asset challenge. And, here’s how.

“In today’s global maritime marketplace, there are over 50 million+such assets in operation, of which, 10 percent are annually replaced due to damage or aging,” begins Zaretzky, founder and CEO of Nereus Supply Chain Inc. In such a fragmented industry, most organizations have only a handful of suppliers, owing to various cross-border policies and ineffective global connections. Contrarily, offers a platform that brings together the worlds suppliers to the table to create a secure trading environment for procurement and movement of marine assets worldwide. The platform provides consolidated vendor information that allows buyers to take an educated decision based on simple parameters such as retail and wholesale pricing.

On asset management platform, users can view different inventory assortment from vendors globally and bid for items based on their requirements. After purchase, the platform allows users to manage, insure, underwrite and track the asset through its life cycle. Nereus Supply Chain eliminates any possible market variations and forecasts the shipping costs, which could otherwise prove challenging in cross-border payment and trading. Also, the platform mitigates the problems of language barriers and regulations, providing a truly global solution to vendors and buyers. As the entire process is streamlined, buyers reap the benefits of the platform being economical. In the event of damage, Nereus Supply Chain takes steps to either repair or replenish the inventory before making it available to the fleet.

On the vendor front, the platform helps reduce storage cost, reposition supply chain resources, and manage assets through a consolidated list of buyers that bid for the required products. Zaretzky adds that the vendor market is broken into four segments, comprising resellers, commercials buyers, fabricators, and internet brokers. The platform remains the same for all the users, while the services are modified for each of their business goals.

Nereus Supply Chain has helped several clients reduce overheads associated with procuring, tracking, and managing logistic. Of a diversified and successful clientele, Zaretzky points at a Texas-based client to exemplify Nereus Supply Chain’s advantages. The client, who uses the platform for procurement and logistics management, has seen over 30 percent cost savings, with 15-20 percent reduced procurement expenditure.

Nereus Supply Chain has witnessed a extreme success in the model, and Zaretzky credits this success to his team of industry experts who brought together the platform. As a non-asset trading and asset management company, the founder foresees the firm working with multiple agents across the map, with a stronger and bigger workforce. From the technological standpoint, Nereus Supply Chain will incorporate Smart Contracts and Blockchain into the platform to provide a secure public ledger, where stakeholders can securely access information such as documents, payment confirmations, and order trails on all trades. “With the involvement of Blockchain, we can expect more security from both cash flow and tracking perspectives,” foresees Zaretzky.

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Nereus Supply Chain Inc -

Nereus Supply Chain Inc -

Menomonee Falls, WI

Ian Zaretzky, Founder & CEO

As a logistics solution provider, Bulk Container Group offers a single source environment for conex container procurement and management. The firm offers a platform that brings together over 250 suppliers to the table, to create a secure trading environment for procurement and movement of conex worldwide. The platform’s consolidated vendor information allows the buyers to take an educated decision based on simple parameters, such as retail and wholesale pricing. On the vendor front, the solution helps reduce storage cost, reposition supply chain resources, and manage assets through a consolidated list of buyers who bid for their products