Deliver-EZ: Last-Block Deliveries Made "EZ"

John Martin, VP, Business Development, Deliver-EZJohn Martin, VP, Business Development
In modern e-commerce, the most crucial and problematic element in the entire supply chain is last-block delivery. Among the many hurdles that impact retailers, carriers, and consumers are a lack of flexibility, convenience, and technological advances. The carriers generally plan deliveries on a schedule that does not align with the consumers, creating windows of opportunity for product theft or environmental damage when the customer is not home. Additionally, the carrier’s cost and rates increase each year, leaving retailers struggling to find a way to deliver the customer’s eCommerce purchases to their homes cost-effectively, quickly and safely.

Deliver-EZ was created to address the rapid increase in package volume as a result of the upward trajectory of online ordering. The company offers a Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) that enables consumers to control how, when, and where they receive, return, and sign for their packages, simply by using its Mobile App. A key feature of the App is that consumers have a consolidated view of all incoming packages from carriers and retailers. The consumer uses the App to engage the fully automated, robotic package handling system invented by Deliver-EZ. The 40’x16’ hub serves as a central drop off location for small package and mail carriers for a dedicated vertical or horizontal community. The company’s sophisticated software platform then dispatches integrated third-party electric cargo shuttles and robots to deliver packages to consumers on their terms 24 hours a day. The DaaS platform also includes Deliver-EZ’s control tower software that monitors and manages the last-block delivery process in real-time.

Aaron Frank, CEO & Co-founder

To elaborate, Aaron Frank, CEO and Cofounder of Deliver-EZ, commented; “We are delivering fully integrated hardware and software platforms that usher in a new era of last-block eCommerce experience. Deliver-EZ has a data-driven, future-proof solution that incorporates AI and robotic automation to form a foundation for smart cities.”

The Deliver-EZ team is uniquely qualified and brings decades of experience including: supply chain technology and data science, global leadership with one of the world’s largest package delivery companies, designing automated material handling systems, platform strategy, corporate development, and large-scale logistics design and execution.

John Martin, Deliver-EZ Vice President, Business Development states, “Deliver-EZ augments traditional carriers by helping them optimize last-block delivery while enabling consumers to be their own logisticians.”

Deliver-EZ has not gone unnoticed by city administrators in their effort to promote smart/ green cities. Aaron Frank agrees, “Deliver-EZ approaches the community holistically by supporting city governments, carriers, homeowners’ associations, and residents, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.”

Deliver-EZ's multi-phase plan is to set the standard for next-generation last block delivery. The company foresees an opportunity to dominate the shift to community logistics by putting the Deliver-EZ app in the hands of consumers and locating logistics hubs as close to them as possible.

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John Martin, VP, Business Development and Aaron Frank, CEO & Co-founder

Deliver-EZ was formed when a uniquely qualified team focused on developing the next generation of last-block logistics; enabling and integrating autonomous mobility. The company offers an app that gives community residents shipment arrival into their assigned Deliver-EZ unit, product return information, a single portal for all on-line purchases and chat features. Deliver-EZ has not gone unnoticed by city administrators in their effort to promote smart/green cities. Aaron Frank agrees that; “Deliver-EZ approaches the community as a whole; supporting city governments, carriers, and the end-user thereby creating a win-win situation for all the stakeholders